The 1 %

I have always thought that the “rich” should help the “poor” and that I would do so if I was rich.

Do you agree with me that the richest 1% should be concerned with using their income to help the elderly, the disabled, to care for orphans, to help create opportunities for the poor, to ensure that people have clean drinking water, etc. etc, etc?

Do you agree that the richest 1% should feel a burden for the lowest income families who are typically brought up in oppression and without help will be in poverty all of their life? Specifically to Christians, do you believe that the richest 1% of Christians should be giving of their money to help the poor Christians reach the world?

Do you agree that it is crazy that the richest 1% are typically more focused on getting more for themselves than they are in creating jobs and helping others?

If so, me too….

SO, if you or I make $32,000 a year – we are in the richest 1% of people in the world. Half of our world lives off of less than $100 a month. 25% of the world lives off of less than $1.25 a day. And while money does go farther in less developed countries, it doesn’t go that much farther.

I could say a lot of things right now but I will just ask us one question. What are we doing with our money as the richest 1%?

NOTES: -I don’t believe any government should force people to allocate their finances beyond basic public services. -Check out and to verify my facts! -I love you guys!