Update on Mosaic

We are still working on where Mosaic will be meeting on a (somewhat) long-term basis.  We have to decide which of our options are the best for us based on what improvements can be made to the facility and at what cost in addition to working out a lease that is favorable for Mosaic.  In order to set Mosaic up well for a future of reaching people in Crestview who do not go to Church, WE CANNOT RUSH INTO THIS. SO,  In the mean time, we are leasing facilities from Central Baptist Church on a month-to-month basis.

Details about our current meeting location

Address: 1000 S Pearl Street Crestview, Fl 32539

Service Times: 9:30 and 11:00am (K-5 offered during this service)

These facilities are an improvement to our current meeting location and allow us to advance our children's ministry and worship services.  We plan to begin purchasing permanent equipment while meeting here, that we will use at the facility that we lease.

Here is Mosaic's wish list that we can go ahead and purchase.  If you feel led to help in any way, we appreciate it.

150 worship center chairs x $40 = $6,000

Family room = $1,000

Children's ministry furniture = $2,000

2nd projector and screen = $2,000

I am so thankful for all of the encouragement and support that I have received.  It is amazing to see people taking ownership of Mosaic.  I am confident that God is working things to really advance this Church!!!