Representing Jesus Well?

I believe there is mentality among believers, particularly believers with a western thought pattern that we need to represent Jesus well.  Essentially, what believers are asked by leaders is to live their life in a way that makes God look good.  This is a great pattern for having a successful church and maybe even for people to want to be like you. However, this is not what believers are called to do.  Believers are called to represent Jesus Accurately.  

When we represent Jesus well are we really even representing Jesus?  Just because people speak highly of us, just because our Church grows, just because we have success does not mean we are actually representing Jesus accurately.  That is dangerous.

What if we are pointing people to a false God?  What if we are really just make external changes an impressions that lead people to a "good life" without really being changed?

How do we represent Jesus accurately?  We read the Bible, we learn about who He is.  We learn about what He wants us to do in situations, what he wants our character to be.

Read the Bible and represent Jesus accurately.