Practicing what I preach

I talk about how much someone coming to know Christ is more important than the "success" of our Church a lot.  This past Sunday was  a test of that. Sunday was rough.  It was our lowest attendance in a long time (like for real, where the heck was everyone?), it was our lowest offering in a long time (like really, really low).  I felt like I didn't do my best job teaching.  There were some other frustrations that shouldn't be mentioned in a blog.

I was pretty discouraged and frustrated Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night, a girl who has been attending our Church for a few months indicated that she had committed to live for Christ and wants to be baptized.

So, what is going to set my mood?  Is it my personal success and feelings or is it what the Bible says Heaven rejoices about?  From many standards, Sunday was a day to forget.  But from the most important standard (and only one that really matters) it was reason enough to start our Church.  

I am so thankful for God allowing me to be a part of His redeeming people even if that meant that 20 people showed up on Sundays.