some random thoughts on the Chick-fil-A issue

1. Really, the muppets are involved? Ok, I had to get that out there.

2. Be careful with how you say things. 

While at Catalyst Conference in 2009, I ate at the chick-fil-a near the Gwinnett Center.  The staff was very overwhelmed as this conference is their busiest day of the year. Dan Cathy, was cleaning tables and taking the trash out.  While, that could be explained away as one isolated incident - it is highly unlikely.  The Cathy family is known for humble servant leadership.

That being said, Mr. Cathy should not have said "well, guilty as charged" when responding to the question regarding whether or not they support the traditional family by Baptist Press.  I am not saying that he should have avoided the issue, I am just saying he should have been a little more careful with what he said.  I understand that it is exhausting to have to be that careful about word choice.  But leaders have to be.  The more influence they have, the more careful they have to be.  These words just produce an air of callousness towards the issue that I doubt a successful business leader who wants to have a great reputation wanted to produce.  (I actually cringed for a man that I have admired from afar when I first read those words on the yahoo news letter)  Again, don't avoid the issues just be careful with how you say it.

Believers, I assure you that your arrogant statements in defense of Chick-fil-a such as "well, eat more chicken" and "Chick-fil-a doesn't need liberals money anyway" is not what Jesus would have said.  Please be careful to represent him accurately.

3. We are all in the same boat.

As a believer, we take stances because we believe God's will is best.  This means that even if we are the nicest people in the world, we are telling (or implying) the people who choose otherwise are making an unwise choice.

The easy thing to do for someone who is opposed to Christianity (or pretends to be a Christian by adopting some of the things in the Bible that they like), is to label Biblical Christians as judgmental bigots.  I understand.  Many Christians (if not all) are tempted to view people who oppose their views as inferior to them.  But, if this Chick-fil-A scandal doesn't reveal that this isn't a Christian issue, I don't know what does.  Let me clarify, PEOPLE are tempted to view PEOPLE who oppose their views as inferior to them.  This is sin.  This is finding our worth in our self.  As we put other PEOPLE down because they oppose gay marriage or support gay marriage, we feel better about ourselves.  I assure you this is not what the Bible teaches.  The Bible teaches us that we are all unworthy of God because of our hearts, yet we are worthy of God because of His love for us.  Christianity is not a set of morals.  It is a response of obedience to and trust in God because of His amazing grace.

Believers, please remember that if we hold a Biblical view, we are not better than people who do not hold a Biblical view.  In fact, if we hold  a Biblical view, then it is only by God's grace that we are able to see clearly.  We should expect people who do not follow Christ to think they are better than those who do not have similar views.  We should call each other out when we act like that.

4. What about the people Jesus told us to focus on?

Boycotts don't work because we want to be gratified.  If we still buy things from companies that admittedly hire children to work in underpaid jobs in terrible working conditions so that they can turn a better profit, we are going to buy chicken sandwiches that taste good regardless of the political affiliation of the person making it.  This is the sad condition of a nation that is filthy rich.  The majority of U.S. elect leaders who we feel will help our bank account the most (both parties), and are more concerned with where we can get fat* and happy the cheapest ignoring the poor and hurting in this world.

*Some of us also spend money on gym memberships so that we can indulge ourselves like we want and still not be too out of shape.

Believers, you should agree with the Biblical view of marriage and point people towards it since God's will is best for all of our lives.  But, I wish we spent more energy focusing on what Jesus is very clear about us working for; the Gospel, the fatherless, the widows, the hurting, the poor and the innocent.  If we want our society to change, people have to place their trust in Jesus.