1 out of 100

For every 100 people who visits Mosaic (or another Church) about 10 stick.  Out of those 10 about 1 devotes their life entirely to Jesus. That 1 person is worth it!

That 1 person has to be what drives you to press on when others are criticizing you.

That 1 person makes dealing with people who go back and forth about God and your Church worth your time and energy.

That 1 person makes all the set up, all the structure, all the preparation a success.

That 1 person has a name and you will get to know it.

That 1 person will become a  part of your band, one of the Church's biggest givers, a part of your leadership team.

So, whatever is going on in your life; whatever you are getting discouraged about in your church, when you are feeling a little frustrated about there not being enough volunteers and all the serving you have to do;

Remember that 1!