last week (in quotes)

So, I took a break last week because Christie was out-of-town for four days.  Here is the past week summed up in a few quotes. "we can all be together for the Gospel" (Crossway Church's pastor, Shannon Day on unity of churches in our city)

"i feel like i am the slow kid in school"  (an e-mail from a guy who is hungry to learn about Jesus)

"that's a lot of poop" (cameron after doing his thing)

"you have got a lot of work to do" (david bieda on my back yard)

"that bruise will be gone before her mom gets back" (me, talking to louis about his daughters bump on her head)

"we are going to watch a movie, then take a bath, then eat ice cream, then go to sleep" (cameron telling me our plans for friday night)

"your message last Sunday was exactly what I needed to hear" (a super encouraging message, i received from someone who has been checking out our church)

"where do we go now?" (groom at a wedding i officiated after they were pronounced husband and wife)

"We start worrying about hanging out with broken people because we worry about our life getting messed up, we have lost sight of the fact that we are all broken."  (paraphrase from Scott Turbeville's sermon on holiness and loving people)

"i'm down" (phil bright as he and others joined mosaic)