quotes from renovate my trust with Irving Gil

When asked what his relationship with God was like before He really decided to follow Christ: "God was like that friend you've known for a while but you don't know what his name is.  It's too far along in the relationship to ask him, it would just be awkward."

Talking about trusting God without really understanding what God's plan looks like:

"Jedi's don't worry about whether or not the force will be with them"

When saying the work that God does in your life:

"It didn't happen instantly, I didn't transform overnight.  God didn't throw me in a microwave and turn me into a level seven Christian."

When talking about God's provision:

"I mean, I am not a big balla rolling on an escalade with dubs, I am riding around in a child-stained Corolla....but God has got my back."

When asked how He trusted God:

"Everyone has this feeling that they should trust God, so I finally just did it.  You have to just do it.  Trust Him and He will not let you down."