I married up (part 3)

3. Grace is her middle name. Actually, her middle name is Marie but grace is a more accurate depiction of who she is.  My wife has displayed grace towards me in incredible ways over the 7.5 years that we have known each other.  She waited to have sex until marriage, I did not.  While I know that was not exciting to her, I have never felt condemnation or resentment from her at all.

When we were in engaged, I freaked out about the commitment that I was about to make and really put her through emotional stress.  While she was firm that I could not do that to her again, she did not hold it over my head but helped me work through some junk from my childhood that caused me to have a hard time trusting anyone.  THIS HAS BEEN THE SINGLE GREATEST GROWING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

As a Pastor and husband, I have many times acted life a buffoon (3rd official time that I have used that word).  In those times, Christie has stood beside me and waited for me to get it, because she knew she could not fix me but that I needed to learn from God.

She is not perfect.  But she has definitely been gracious towards me in my imperfection.