how to stay strong, part 2 (steps-covered in prayer)

To say goals is a way of staying strong, would be unnecessary.  Everyone has goals and if you are fired up, you have good goals.... "Direction determines Destination"

This statement that I learned from Andy Stanley is one of the most impacting on my life and has benefited our church more than just about anything that I have shared.

When we get "fired up" about being the Godly man/woman wife/husband parent/child employee/student, etc, etc, etc..... We cannot just walk out hoping that we will wind up where we need to be.

Sunday, I am traveling to Jacksonville from Crestview.  If I head west I-10, I will never get there.  no matter how bad i want it, regardless of how good of a goal it is.  I am not heading in the right direction.

The Bible (discussed in part 1) gives us the goals we should desire and the directions that we should take.  Part 2 is taking the effort to actually step in the right directions.

It is also essential that you are continually praying as you head towards these lofty goals.

Remember, that you are desiring to live for God to stay strong in Him.  Why would you not include Him in conversations about your life and ask Him to guide you in getting to the places that He has put on your heart?

If you are reading the Bible and then taking steps to follow what God says for your life and leaning on Him to help you get there, you will be surprised how strong you stay!