how to stay strong, part 1 (the Bible)

The first thing that really sets apart those who have passion and do nothing from those who have passion and steadily chase after what Christ desires for this world is... THE BIBLE.

When I was a student pastor and teenagers would say things like "I want to be committed to living for Christ" or "I'm tired of being back and forth about Jesus" (which they often did), I would say (very sweetly) "if you don't commit to reading the bible, you can forget about it.

The Bible is God's love for us.  It is revelation of who He is. It is the source for what is right and what is wrong.  It teaches us how to live out those right things and avoid those wrong things.  It enables men and women to do every good work.  2 Timothy 3:16-17

Even in my short years as a minister, I have encountered many people who say "I wan't to live for God" but do not read what He has to say about how they should live.

What they are really saying is "I want to feel better about the way I live".  They may make a few changes, but these are really based on what they believe they should do better, not on what God wants for them.

Church services, music, good deeds are not the source of staying strong.  God is.  The primary way that God has chosen to equip us to be strong is through the Bible.

If you are feeling that stirring to "be closer to God" and to do something to change your world; don't just take steps, take the right steps.

The Bible reveals those steps to us.