staying strong

We all know those people who get so passionate about Christ and being His church and then it fades away. as a teen they go to youth camp and are ready to change the world.....but summer ends, school starts back and they lose that passion.

in college they read a challenging book that burdens them to put their faith into action....but the reality of school, their job, and their boyfriend/girlfriend leaves them no time to do something about it.

once settled with a family they go to church and hear a challenging sermon that makes them realize their priorities are out of wack....but monday comes and all of life's challenges make it impossible for them to stay true to what they know is right.

later in life an unexpected event like a good friend's passing or the birth of a grandchild makes them think about urgency of unselfish living....but too much life has passed and they don't have much longer to do anything about it so complacency sets in.


there are those few, the minority who seem to steadily chase after lofty goals.  The one's whose life is not a series of up and downs, thats faith does not pinnacle with emotional experiences.

What is the difference?

next week I plan to blog about 3 things that I think are a for sure recipe for how to stay strong.