friends from afar

Something that many of you may not know, is that our church has several friends from afar. Mostly due to our "no more christians" series, we have attracted some people from around the country.

(if you want to read more about this series, just google our church or "no more christians")

Some go to amazingly strong Churches, some don't go to Church at all.

Almost weekly I get an e-mail from someone encouraging us in what God is doing through our Church.  This week it was Illinois, last  week London.  We have some regular correspondence from a friends in Atlanta, Oregon, and more.

I mention this for two reasons:

1. To share with our church, who are mostly unaware of this.

2.  To thank those who support us from a far.  It is a very cool thing that you keep up with us and I am definitely honored that you take time to listen to my sermons and read my blogs!

Now, as the televangelist would say  "if you have been blessed by this ministry, reach for your checkbook to give back so that it can reach out to more people. (just kidding) (but seriously you can if you want)