A lot of churches are making an incredible impact on the Kingdom right now.   This is truly an exciting time to be  a part of the Church (when isn't) and especially the church planting movement. Most church plants say that they are geared towards reaching the unchurched.  What that usually means is that they are a lot cooler than traditional churches but are still very churchy.  WHICH IS COMPLETELY COOL!  GOD IS BLESSING THEM!

Below are links to a few churches that I try to learn from.  I believe each of these churches are intentionally engaging an unchurched culture and are being innovative and original to do so.

They range from small to mega and you may or may not have heard of these churches....

shoreline church in destin, fl

imagine fellowship in san antonio, tx

mosaic church in los angeles, ca

north point community church in alpharetta, ga

national community church in washington, dc