little brother

Yesterday, Christie and I found out that Cameron is going to be a big brother to a little brother! We are very excited about our second child being a boy also because of how close the two of them will be.

Last night I could not stop thinking about the men that they will become.  I am confident that God has a lot in store for me over the rest of my life.  But, I pray that these kids (and the ones to follow) have an incredible impact on people that is felt throughout this world!

For those of you that love and follow our ministry, please pray that our children will be protected from harm and that they will make wise decisions so that their lives will be incredible testimonies of the power, love and grace of God!

I hope that we look at our children and see potential.  I hope that we don't consume ourselves so much with.....


The family is our first ministry, our first harvest, our first church.  Let' s apply everything we have learned and help lead our children to wage some serious spiritual warfare!

a proud father of two,