With the exception of a privileged few, we are all guaranteed that times of great uncertainty will come in our lives.  
In Luke 8:22-25 you find that the disciples are on boat with Jesus and while he is sleeping they are engulfed by a fierce sudden storm.
The disciples freak out and do a good thing.  They go wake Jesus.  They want his help.
Jesus calms the storm and then questions the disciples; where is your faith?
Why would he ask this?  All of the factors show that the disciples had reason to be afraid.  They should have been scared....except for one thing!
In verse 22, it tells us that Jesus was the one that put them in their situation.  He is the one who was in control.  Since they were where Jesus wanted them, they should have been calm.  
When we are following Jesus and storms come, we have to follow His example and......
rest. chill.  be at peace.
There is nothing that we can do.  A storm is beyond our control.  So we need to be at peace.
God will put storms in your life for a reason.  Not to make you stronger, not to help you help others.
He put storms in your life so that you will be amazed by Him.
In verse 25, the disciples questioned "who is this" that calms the storm.  
So when financial, relational, physical storms come in your life; be still and KNOW that He is God.  Let Him amaze you and who he is.