Central Baptist Church

Something that we value at Mosaic is involvement.  We desire to see everyone get plugged into the vision of our church.  This should be something that we have in common with every church, but unfortunately it is not.  

I believe that Central Baptist is a church where you can get involved.  There is a lot of changes going on right now and their leadership has a renewed desire to see new people get involved in the ministries of the Church.  Most people look at Central's impressive facilities and think that they are packed with people and that it will be hard to connect.  This is far from the truth.  Central has suffered many years of decline and stagnation and they are now a small church with big potential.  
Pastor Scott Dennis comes from an unchurched background and has a desire to see people who are far from God come to know him.  Pastor Scott has one of the biggest hearts of anyone that I have ever met.  He truly is passionate about seeing people experience what God has for their life.  I think he is a great fit for Central and that we are going to see some great things happen with that congregation under his leadership.  
Not everyone is o.k. with ridiculous videos and John Mayer songs to open up the service.  A lot of people want a blend of modernity with tradition.  Central is a good to church to try out if you are this type of person.  
We may not all share the same preference for style but we should have the same passion for salvations!