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i'm a good liar   4/29/09


I've become excellent at not being transparent but appearing to be so.


It is an art. 


It is taught at Pastors conference (maybe not directly, but it is).


It is the best way to become a successful pastor, leader, employee, spouse, parent.


Contemporary Churches have become environments where this is rewarded.  We love to hear some one's confession of  sin, some one's story of growth.  We don't actually want to investigate how they are doing today.  We don't want to look someone in the eye and sincerely ask them about sin.  It may involve more time, prayer, friendship.


We like the label of "authentic" without the work that comes with sincere authenticity.  

-will I truly be accepted if people know ____.  

-what will people think of the fact that I ____.

-I really don't want people to use ____ against me.


Let's what call it what it IS.


We are a culture of liars and typically we are a church of liars.