responding to criticism

When someone begins to criticise me or a an issue arises in a relationship, there is a simple process that I follow in order to make things right.

Step 1: I evaluate my life. I check to see if there is something related to the issue that I need to get in line with God. Usually there is.

Step 2: I evaluate (not judge) the other person and see if there is any black/white issue that shows they are clearly not following God.

Step 3: I ask someone that I trust about the issue. They usually point out something I can work on as well.

Step 4: I pray about resolving the issue.

Step 5: I attempt to resolve the issue. Start with you heart! Tell them where you desire the relationship to be.

This has been very helpful to me over the past year. I encourage you to follow this or come up with a process to handle relationship issues in your life.