a new air conditioner

My wife and I have been with out air conditioning in our home for 12 days and it has been really, really hot here. Did I mention that my wife is five months pregnant?
After much time was spent on the phone and waiting for technicians (plural) to examine the problem, we found out that our compressor had burnt out since it is the original unit on a 15 year old house.
We could save money and fix the problem or we could spend three times that amount and get a whole new system. We went with the new system.

How many people live their walk with Christ in this way? How many people fix a problem and put an improved part of their life into an old and warn out soul; only to face another major problem in 1-2 years, when they should be transformed into a new creation?

"It may cost a lot more but its definitely worth it in the long run." - Tony the AC guy

(by the way our a/c should be fixed on friday)